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Video Depositions

Digital Justice provides the highest quality in video deposition services. Our videographers are experienced and our equipment is state-of-the-art. 

We offer a variety of formats, including DVD, VHS, Digitizing and Synchronization.

Multimedia Depositions

This upgrade of the traditional deposition allows for the ability to call up documents at the deposition and show them on the screen, utilizing a Picture-in-Picture technique. We also incorporate the Starboard, which gives the witness the ability to write directly on the screen.

Check out our sample video:

Settlement/Day-in-the-Life Videos


The most effective way for a jury to understand the realities of your client's daily struggle to make it through the day is to show them a Day-in-the-Life documentary. In this 10 to 20 minute, unbiased video, the jury gets a real glimpse of the plaintiff's day-to-day hardships. The videographers at Digital Justice understand the hardships faced by your clients and have the utmost respect and compassion for them. Our state of the art digital video equipment and computer editing programs combined with our years of creative experience will result in a convincing, effect video presentation.

Check out our sample video:

Another effective means of presenting the realities of your client's situation is to combine all the aspects of your case (video testimony clips, photographs, day-in-the life video, expert witness analysis) into a Settlement Video or Interactive Settlement CD. Studies show that presenting damages and liabilities in a concise, powerful presentation to opposing counsel or insurance companies before trial increases chances of a satisfactory settlement.

Evidence Shoots/Stills

We are available for any type of still photography shoot including, but not limited to:

- site inspection

- accident scene

- crime scene

- still photos of your client (i.e. scars, disabilites, etc.)

We also have the capability of capturing and printing stills from a videotape.

All photos are taken with a high-resolution digital camera and printed on premium photo paper in any size you require.  If necessary, photos can also be enhanced through our photo editing software.

Video Editing

Our experienced video editor works with sophisticated, non-linear, digital editing systems. We shoot and edit on DV tape format, but can import any videotape format into our system. Our clients usually require the final show to be transferred to a DVD tape for viewing, but we can also supply you with a master edit on VHS or CD.

Video Duplications

Our multi-recording duplication setup allows us to copy your videotape on numerous formats at once (DVD, VHS, Audio Cassette, MPEG1, MPEG2).